We are beyond banking.


What we do

We have set out to change finance for the better. We believe that the current industry environment is outdated and needs to be reshaped. Especially in alternative investments the majority of transactions is slow, cost-ineffective and feeds too many intermediaries.

Our companies help to provide liquidity and transparency to illiquid markets as well as to handle transactions in a safe and convenient manner.


Our companies

Chance Exchange
Secondary marketplace for alternative investments
  • Global coverage of direct and indirect investments of all asset classes
  • Direct connection between buyers and sellers
  • No intermediaries in the proccess
  • Time and cost efficient trading


Alternative Investment Solutions
Boutique investment advisory for alternative investments
  • Tailored investment solutions for all major alternative asset classes
  • Global deal sourcing network
  • Individual structuring
  • Reporting tailored to individual client needs


AIS Treuhand
Escrow services for investment transactions
  • Quick and secure clearing of escrow transactions to protect investors and sellers
  • Nominee account services to preserve anonymity of investors
  • Investor on-boarding and ongoing assistance for investment funds
  • Handling of investor AML/KYC

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What we seek

Whether you are an investor looking for advisory in alternative investments or an ambitious entrepreneur or project developer who wants to raise smart money or pitch a business idea, we should talk.


We would love to help you succeed in the landscape of alternative investments.

Entpreneur or project developer?

Let’s talk about investment opportunities in your company or project.

Aspiring entrepreneur?

You’ve got a business idea with regards to the financial industry? We are happy to discuss your idea. Maybe we can work something out. And if not, we’ll try our best to get you in touch with the right people within our network.


Get in touch

We would love to hear about your successes and challenges as an investor, project developer or entrepreneur in the world of alternative investments.
Whether you want to work with us or simply have a chat about the current markets, feel free to get in touch with us.


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